Possible Windsor Bands/Musicians To Play Your Show

Not on this list? Let me know…it's a work in progress.

Atmora – Metal

A Welcome Breeze – Post Rock/Indie Rock/Electronic

Better Weather – Rock

Black Barn – Ambient/Folk

Black Vulcan – Rock

The Blue Stones - Blues/Rock

Bobby Sproat – Folk/Rock

Border Patrol – Folk/Rock

The Brandy Alexanders - psychedelic/pop/rock

Butchers – Noise/Rock

Cellos - Heavy/Loud/Rock

Corey Kendrick Trio – Jazz

Cowboys in Cardigans - Rock & Roll

Crissi Cochrane - Solo/Folk/Singer

David Dubois – Rock/Folk

Dave Russell and The Precious Stones – Folk

The Dead Samaritans – Rock & Roll

Deperuse – Experimental/Dream-pop

Diane Motel – Folk/Rock

Dirt – Rock

The Dirty Love Band – Rock

Drown The Noise – Alt/Grunge/Punk/Folk

Electric Muscle Car – Alt/Garage/Rock

Eric Welton Band - Indie/Pop/Rock/Folk

Ethrelite – Electro/Noise/Experimental

The Feedbacks – Rock/Metal/Punk

Foxhart Fishman – Indie/Rock

The Frills – Pop/Alt-Rock

From Sky To Space – Progressive/Rock

The Greedy Echoes – Jazz/Prog/Experimental

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Loud/Rock

Huttch - Alternative/Rock/Pop/Punk

The Hypnotics - Garage/Rock

In(Our)Finite Space - Math/Prog/Rock

James O-L & The Villains - Rock/Folk

Josh Fraser – Folk/Rock/Blues

Kenneth MacLeod & The Windsor Salt Band – Folk/Rock

Kevin Echlin – Folk/Rock/Indie

Learning - Alternative/Electronic/Rock

Leighton Bain - Folk/Rock

The Lele Danger Band – roots/indie/pop

The Locusts Have No King - Folk/Punk

theLOVEdepartment – alt/pop/rock/soul

Middle Sister – Folk/Rock

My Neighbour, My Neighbour – Blues/Rock

Nathan McNevin and The Silence Factory – Pop/Rock

The Nefidovs - Punk/Ska/Rock

Of The Pack – Indie/Alternative/Rock/Indie/Folk

Orphan Choir - Punk/Rock/Loud

Partner – Indie Rock

Paul The Tailor – Rock

PetroLiam – synth/pop duo

Poughboy – wtf/Rock

Pulled From Panels – pop/nerd/rock

Queen's Rug – Indie/Post-Punk/Alternative

Razbanade – Doom/Folk

The Reckless Upstarts – Punk

Reliever – Rock

Ron Leary – Folk

Runner – Pop/Punk

Salesman Of The Year – Country/Folk/Bluegrass/Rock/Delta Blues

Salt Shaker – Folk/Rock

Sasha Appler – Folk/Rock/Acoustic

Screwtape – Rock

Silent Movie Type - Rock

Siren Phase – Metal

The Spooky But Nice – alt/rock

Soul Brother Stef – hip-hop/neo-soul

The Soul Delegation – Soul/Motown

South River Slim – Rockabilly/Rock

Tara Watts - Solo/Folk/Singer

Tea Leaves – Indie Rock

The Ted Hogan Combo - classic jazz/blues/latin/instrumental

Teenage Geese – Folk

This Is War. – Rock

This Machine Kills Robots – surf/prog/rock

Tire Swing Co. – Folk/Rock

Travis Reitsma - Solo/Folk/Singer

Trout – Rock

Two For The Cascade - Acoustic/Folk/Indie

The Unquiet Dead - Gypsy/Folk/Rock/Soul/Blues

w/Rosie  - indie rock

Water/Heart – Rock

What Seas, What Shores - Instrumental/Rock

While Whales Sleep – Instrumental/Rock

Wolves From Dogs – Instrumental/Rock

Worry – LOUD/Hardcore

Years of Ernest - Rock/Folk/Alternative

Zarasutra – Folk

6 Responses to Possible Windsor Bands/Musicians To Play Your Show

  1. Chad Howson says:


  2. mike says:

    the rowley estate plays there! were not on the list 😦

  3. Dan Cowan says:

    I was kind of a regular at Phog Lounge about 3 or 4 years ago, and I saw this phenomenal artist there one night. All I remember is she was a solo artist who played amazing electronic music, using synths and sequencers, etc. The name of her project was one word, and it started with a “P.” Pyramid, or Paradigm, or what?! I can’t remember, can you?

    ( : )

  4. Bill Nuvo says:

    When are you gonna have Bill Nuvo with his vinyl DJing and live muisc comboniation of Jazz/Funk? 😉 hint hint wink wink

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