Know Your P.A. – Young Rival (Hamilton) – September 28th @ Phog Lounge

From Chart Attack:
After releasing two full-lengths, playing nearly 200 concerts across Canada and garnering numerous accolades, The Ride Theory have decided to make a change. Opting to retire their old moniker, the Hamilton quartet now wish to be known as Young Rival.

The band are working on their third album, and drummer Noah Fralick feels that things are wide open for the young act, making it the perfect situation for them to be reborn with a new name. The group have already created a new MySpace page for themselves, which includes a pair of demos that were recorded in New York in February.

“Things are really exciting for us right now,” explains Fralick. “The songs we’ve been writing and recording for the next album have really brought out some new aspects in our band.

“We’re not breaking from the spirit of our work as The Ride Theory, but we’re certainly adding to it in a number of ways. We’re no longer working with our old label, Sunny Lane Records, since that was only a one-album deal. With that coming to an end and our realization of where we’re moving to musically, it just seemed logical to make the name change right now.”

Having operated as The Ride Theory for five years, Fralick admits that it was hard trying to find a name to replace it with. Although several were tossed around, Young Rival emerged as the clear winner.

“It’s a tedious process trying to come up with a new name,” says Fralick. “We would browse through old lyrics, song titles, conversations, tour stories and such looking for possibilities.

“Ultimately, we found that Young Rival represented exactly where our heads are at. I think it elucidates our sense of new beginnings and the excitement that comes along with that, all the while realizing that the music business is still a tough place to be, and there are a lot of things we are still competing for.”

For the time being, their two albums as The Ride Theory, 2002’s self-titled release and 2005’s In This City, will remain Ride Theory discs. This could change eventually, though. Focusing more on the future than the past, the band are looking forward to continuing to spread their infectious brand of garage rock as Young Rival.

“Most bands change their name when they’ve reached a dead-end of sorts, but we made this decision for the opposite reason,” says Fralick. “Our writing has evolved naturally, and we feel like we have a lot of new and exciting energy.

“For a while we’ve been interested in having these aspects reflected in how we present ourselves to people. We’re very proud of our history, but we want to approach our new beginnings with a new name. Hence, Young Rival.”

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