Writing while half dead

I have had the unique experience of seeing two of the most enjoyable shows in recent memory.
First, Ten Year Drought playing during the perfectly-timed power outage that lasted 3 hours. As usual, the fans of this band, steadfast until the end, showed up, sat in the dark with a few candles, forced themselves to go to the bathroom in the dark, yelled at city workers passing by, and shut the hell up for the ONLY true acoustic set ever play at Phog.
They sounded SO DAMN GOOD with Matty Rideout playing percussion, with his parents visiting from Edmonton, that I HAD to take some video of the event. I have a clip I will eventually release at some point, and when I do, you’ll want to watch the black and hear the gold…oooh, that was good.
Matt came to me later, saying that it speaks volumes about what Frank and I have done to see all these people in a stuffy, dark building, with no air conditioning, waiting for a show, and listening quietly while they played with no amplification. While Matt is sweet to say so, the praise belongs to all those who attended, to all those who attend on a regular basis, and to those who continue to support the local music scene. Thank you all.

And to add to that, we had the most unexpected, wonderful surprise when Henry Svec of Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs came to visit. His music was so Sackville, NB infused, that it was like Julie Doiron was in his brain…making his move, strum the electric guitar, and sing. It was one of the most abysmal turnouts for a show…including the opener (who I think forgot the show or mixed up the dates)…but which turned out to be a very appreciative crowd. Tara Watts, visiting for a beer, was invited to take the opening slot, without practice, and without her guitar. She really never performs with an electric while solo…that is SO Julie Doiron it’s sick…and she did it anyway. She was magnificent, for the 7 people who were there. It was great practice for her, and maybe a revelation that she should seriously consider playing solo with an electric guitar. She strummed, sans pick, and destroyed what our expectations were. I couldn’t be more thankful toward her for playing last second. Henry, on the other hand, was respectful, interesting, and genuine. He was a pleasure to interview (for the upcoming Phogcasts) and to talk with in general. I cannot wait to have him back soon. Someone will be very lucky to win one of his CDs in a prize pack for something in the future. For those of you that were lured by the all-important (bullshit) Game 2 of the “Something-Cup Finals”, you missed a gem.

Henry Svec

Tara Watts with electric

Hope to see you out for the upcoming shows. They look solid. Check the updates website for details.

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2 Responses to Writing while half dead

  1. Anonymous says:

    D’oh! Sorry I had to call it an early night Tom, sounds like good times indeed! I enjoyed listening in on the interview with Gus for the future podcast, even though the questions lacked polarity, lol! Hope to see everyone Phogging it up in the next few days, great shows abound! Cheers,John (Candy)

  2. Phog Blog says:

    Candy man has it right…and not everyone can see all we have to offer. We get what we can, and you guys come to see what you can. Sometimes, it’s a money issue, sometimes it’s an “I’m not interested” issue…but we love our customers…our little community, and we try to bring the best.Thanks for the kind words.

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