Overwhelmed at Phog Lounge

This blog has been a steady reminder of how great the people of Phog are to us. The bands are normally, the easiest group of people to deal with in a profession where I thought ego would dominate. My dedicated crowd of show-goers are quick to respond to music, congratulate bands on strong shows, and show appreciation toward out-of-town musical guests.

The past two to three weeks have been much of the same.
The Mark Inside, along with Another Blue Door came back and blew us down. Even with the technical difficulty that the band dealt with, they overcame science and blasted away.
Lindy swept through with Sally and held the night all on their lonesome. They owned the stage, sold lots of CDs afterward and drove home the same night. The man is easily one of the most genuine gifts to music in Canada.

Andrew Penner and The Sunparlour Players were joined by Claire Jenkins (both from Toronto) and they both ate the Windsor folks up. Penner pulled out a Dobro and a banjo, and he screamed until he was red. They forced foot-stomping through ragtime rock that has yet to be displayed in Phog before. Claire was as glorious as ever. If you missed it, you did just that…You missed it!

The Ride Theory(Hamilton) was joined by Grassy Knoll (London) and caused an outburst of dancing during the last set. The Ride Theory drew in an entire bachelorette party and caused them to dance for the entire set. I had to move a table into the back of the bar to protect everyone.

The Swiftys were very kind and efficient. The drive from Edmonton must’ve honed their skills because, by themselves, on a Sunday, they kept everyone mesmorized. The stand-up bass was a key piece of interest, but we wound up being shocked by the musicianship of everyone in the trio.

Brian Borcherdt came from Toronto to play with Yellow Wood. Well damn. Brian came to play Phog on his BIRTHDAY! He was joined by a guitarist, and Matt from Yellow Wood, with no REAL practice, played with Brian, to his songs. Matt was incredible to sit and hold his own, with two very talented musicians, and Brian’s trance hypnotist-voice. Thanks to Brian for his incredible music, and for being such a stand-up guy. Thanks to Yellow Wood for doing what I always get from them…top-notch, exciting show. You guys are amazing. This show was easily one of the most enjoyed pairings I’ve had the opportunity to hear. Dealing with people who are such respectable individuals makes this job the reason II consider myself lucky to be running (co-running) Phog.

Can’t wait to report with photos.

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8 Responses to Overwhelmed at Phog Lounge

  1. loztdog says:

    great summary on the blog! impressive…steve

  2. nadja says:

    What do you mean by “showing appreciation” to the bands ?

  3. I think you are amazing for putting up with lushes like us. 🙂

  4. Richelle says:

    As do i. I don’t know how you put up with us. It’s also amazing how you never cut scotty off!

  5. yo, just like i promised, i’m leaving a comment so you can link back to my awesome blog (in my humble opinion, but that’s really besides the point).make sure when you hit up http://cheezygoof.blogspot.com you head on to the august archives (specifically sunday aug 14th) for my entry on how awesome i think phog is.ps, love the blog. i’ma link you bitches up!

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  7. cat genius! says:

    hi phog.can’t wait to see the vertical struts.

  8. MLoosh says:

    I LOVED Lindy’s performance in the summer. Thanks for the personal invite!! His CD has been playing in my computer non-stop since I saw him there at Phog. It’s a shame that more of your patrons weren’t there to share in the whole “Lindy Experience”. I am totally impressed with everything about Phog Lounge!!! Tom, you are amazing!! (Frank, yeah, he’s okay too I guess.) Thomas, you never cease to amaze me. I truly mean that!!! I am so impressed with all that you have done. I’m extremely proud of you!!!

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