Long Time No Post

“There are worse ways to spend money, like crack cocaine,” my friend Dan said, “and you can spend you time worse, like doing crack cocaine.” If you agree with this sentiment, keep reading.

Most of this e-mail will consist of photo-essay-like bits and pieces.
Thursday, Phog held a play called SexLass which was put on by Suitcase in Point, an outfit out of St. Catherines. The show was incredible. It held all attendees eyes throughout the entire performance. The girls were amazing, the play was funny as hell, truly funny, and the production was first rate.

I also scored a shot of this girl walking by the window with her golf-shirt-happy friends. Yes, their damned collars were flipped up. An out-of-town band once called the look “Chachi”. Well, she was on course to hit the booty bars on Ouellette and this photo is the actual moment where her soul decided to take a mulligan on the night. I imagine they met up the next day while her arms were wrapped around the hotel toilet bowl.

This next image os of Nadja and Dan posing for a shot they would consider for their album cover…if they recorded music, and if they wanted to sell zero of them.

Kelly Hoppe (Mr. Chill) brought his band by (The Chillionaires) for a steamy, busy evening Friday night. It was remarkable how many different faces came in during the night…most of them welcome.

Sasha and Sheila were spending their second-last night in Windsor, and many of their closest frinds came out and kept them company. This shot shows Sasha in the foreground left, with George giving his only photo-face…”Yeah, I play keys…and harmonica.”

John Doherty had a couple of Strongbows and decided to kiss Chris Mangin of all people. This is the delicious result of that encounter. Shafted vs. Betrayed. Unlike this image of Neil Helmer in full garb, kilt, tie and all! This is style at its greatest at Phog. Awesome vs. Awesome.

Ryan Fields caught me shooting before he went onstage to perform ahead of the jD Project. Ryan was in usual form, setting up the night as no one else can. jD and the gang played to an attentive crowd that were also treated to an art show full of androgenous imagery provided by Suzie Woodward. It was a full weekend to say the least.

Sunday, Phog housed Yellow from Sydney, Nova Scotia and Apparatus from Windsor. The Yellow tour bus had a wicked paint job on the front, which I shot from inside the bar. They parked close to the wall. It was my only choice.

Sunday’s day was the time for silliness though. Dave came in early to say hello, and he caught me as I was about to throw out several sheets of temporary tattoos. “What are you doing with them?” Dave asks when I told him I wanted them gone. “I’ll take ’em all now.”
So, Carrie helped us carry out the task of applying all of them to Dave’s back. As you can see, he doesn’t care much for cold water.

Keep in touch for many more updates.
By the way, hello to the Yellow Wood boys who are on tour out east right now. They’ll be back in two weeks. Have a great time, and show them what Windsor music is all about.

This is just something fun. Catwoman being groped by Jack Skullington. She’s obviously unimpressed. It’s the face I make when people make fun of my laugh.

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4 Responses to Long Time No Post

  1. Marissa says:

    I love my toys. Thanks for fun times.

  2. Long time no post for me, either! Great time last Friday for Mr. Chill and the Chillionaires, and kudos to Tom and Frank for taking me off the “shitlist” and putting me on the “kisslist” instead, heh heh. Looking forward to The Mark Inside this coming Friday, then Lindy on Saturday–let the good times roll! And oh yeah, happy Birthday to Tom and best of luck, Frank! 😉

  3. loztdog says:

    nice rant this week Thom i especially loved the comments on our flipped up collar girl…

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