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The day began with my neighbour’s pesky cat laying in the garden, looking at me like I took a crap on his newly planted tree. I didn’t. He did though, the little rat, and he was just chillin’ in the cedar chips saying, “What’s up bud? Sweet bed over here. Oh, and thanks for that tree I can crap on. Sweet move. Oh, hey, yeah, you’re in my sun.” Useless animal.

I had an instant brightening of the day when an odd couple strolled into the bar and said, “Have you seen anyone wearing a helmet? We’re supposed to meet him here.” I could only reply, “No helmet yet.” I was thinking, “I hope I never do.” So now I’m worried some nut is on his way to meet these two, and what am I supposed to do with him when he shows up? The couple leaves, and ten minutes later, Mr. George Rizok comes through the door with Mike Edwards. He’s sporting this Magneto helmet which is padded on the inside, and almost comfortable! I love it! I tell him he should find anough people to play a friendly game of flag football just so he can wear it. As an added bonus, George had a new comic for me from a store he and Edwards co-own called Rogues Gallery. The comic is called Y: The Last Man. I’m told it’s pretty sweet. I was very happy to pay for it. By the way, this lovely Magneto helmet George is wearing is apparently for sale at Rogues Gallery, so if you want to look this cool, you’ll have to go there to get it.

I tried it on too.
And to end the night off, I made some t-shirts in the back room, but only a few. These lovely characters are leaving Windsor (AGAIN) to go somewhere else far and foreign, and they were interested in having a Phog shirt to wear while away. I’m told I will be sent photos of this shirt being worn in front of ancient temples and in places of worldy significance. Frank and I will finally have a chance to travel.

In the very short time I’ve had to get to know you, I know I will miss you. And I speak for Frank and my other Phog regulars that you’ve met, “Will will miss you!”

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4 Responses to Nemesis Phog Blog

  1. karmen says:

    don’t you know that cat crap is great fertilizer for a newly planted tree?the poor kitty looks as though his right eye is infected. perhaps you should call a truce and dab it with some weak salt water to clear it up.

  2. Sorry I was an asshole in your bar last night. I swear I just wanted to go home, but who can argue with the lovely Najia and her lovely lovelies?

  3. loztdog says:

    Hey thats my cat!

  4. Nadja says:

    Umm, bullshit Scotty. Scotty was all like “Ooh Ooh look ! Let’s say hi” Then Mr. Tall man walked in and dropped all his pizza paper on the floor. The man is a drunk menace. I drove him home and he totally fell off the hood of my car. The man was wasted.

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