Phog Blog meets SUNDAY

This just about sums up the excitement of the night. Not to say that we didn’t enjoy ourselves, but Frank’s creativity with the sign was as edgy as it got.

Frank also got excited about the idea of winning a jackpot at the casino. Everyone was less enthralled with the idea of licking all of the one-arm bandit handles.

Scotty and Richelle were great company this evening, sharing stories of jobs and general interests. For instance, Scotty bought an unbelievable record player from a store that I consider to be run by a total whack-job (Unnamed) and Richelle collects Jesus artifacts such as piggy banks and imagery. She knows that her hair blends in far too well with her peacock feather earrings, but that’s what makes them work so well!

Lastly, one of our regulars told us about a gift he had received from a friend that she had found in her grandmother’s hope chest. This hope chest was collecting stuff from the time of 1930s Germany. Lo and Behold, the towel was white with a lovely pink fringe, but wait! What the hell are those symbols? That’s right, they’re swastikas! How crazy is this? This is as disturbing as it gets. Not something to “frame and put on the mantle” but more like something to be very afraid of. The proximity of this towel to any person immediately puts them at a thousand times greater a chance of getting hit by lightning, or being drowned in flies.
Keep this stuff out of here! Bring us old videos of your favourite cartoons or something! Jem and the Holograms, we’re against it, but we’d prefer that to this towel any day.

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3 Responses to Phog Blog meets SUNDAY

  1. Richelle says:

    I enjoyed playing, getting to know you. I suppose after we realized we are regulars, and friends with the shitbags behind the bar, the least we could do was tell them our real names.

  2. I laughed so hard last night I nearly ruptured my spleen. Running man was all spralled out in the alley when I passed.Don’t diss the excitement of Jem or the Misfits will get you Gadget!

  3. Richelle says:

    ok, ok, by shitbags I mean…the two nicest and coolest guys downtown. Saviors of the World! Better??

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