D-Town Anticipation for Windsor Music Lovers

Falconhawk and The Floor dusted off the shelves on local music Thursday, and made sure to put out doilies for The High Strung who are going to clobber us tomorrow. As for tonight, there was a gambit of faces passing through, but not really sticking around. Frank came back from his days off and was in rare form. He was wearing the elusive solid bronze Phog belt buckle too! (Adam Fox loves the Phog buckle as proof above shows)He was slinging hard-to-digest quotes all over the joint. This kind of thing always turns out to be contagious, and it caused a chain reaction of troubling proportions. Let me sum it up with one word, “TeleChubbies”. Ah, thank you very much.

Our CBC friend Dan came in with some other media savvy folks, who took in the early evening silliness. Nice group. Hope they join us after the Tigers/Indians game tomorrow. They were wondering what to expect from downtown Detroit. I was the voice of reason, which told them to enjoy it while the sun is up, but to keep to known areas after dark. The same goes for anyone in their own house. If you go rooting around in your spare bedroom in the middle of the night, you’re sure to stub your toe…or get mowed down in a drive-by shooting. So I explained to them that Detroit workers and patrons ditch the city and run for the hills when work is done or when the show/game is over. It’s kinda like Windsor downtown patrons and how they only come for festivals such a Bluesfest, and run for the outskirts of town when the Coors Light and free drugs run out.

For everyone who knows how much I love band posters, I have finally been receiving some from responsible bands. I’ve had discussions about this before, with many band members who think I’m a stickler for posters. I have no problem getting one single, effortless poster, which I will copy at my cost to promote the show. That’s fine. I just cannot reiterate how important those things are, considering that the response to people looking for a good show is limited during the summer months, especially with other shows happening in other places. Thanks to the bands who’ve been on top of things. Much appreciated.

So yeah, Jomomma cancelled on us tonight. Unavoidable circumstances. The stage stood empty, and we got excited about the Detroiters coming to play tomorrow, August 6th.

Now that I have this picture series available, I am going to indulge. Allow me to quickly describe what happened in front of our window a week or so ago. Check out this handsome fella in the #2 shirt, which was lovingly called “The Deuce”, was with his mother (right) and father (driving the beast that they would load up with rubbish that mom is directing backward). The whole thing could have been glossed over. Boring almost, except for the outfits. Well, they get parked and then start to get their gameplan together (as you should with any heavy lifting) and the next picture ensues.The crazy son takes a swipe at mom’s hat and when it doesn’t fall off, she turns around and play fights with him. He then follows up a minute later with a rag swipe (seen above){Nice photo timing, I must say} and he whips her softly in the head. So she turns around and starts walloping her goofy Duece of a son. It just seemed so sweet to see the puppy dog nibbling at the momma dog’s heels for no reason. It was like having a little bit of Deliverance on my doorstep without having to squeal like a pig.

That’s where I’ll leave it. Cheers

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