phan of phog

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the show last nite (Thursday) at Phog, good times indeed. Falconhawk started things off with a bang, Kara on lead vocals entertained with her unique energy and keyboarding skills, Steve on bass was rock-solid, and Dave on drums kept things moving along with some very catchy tunes–all without aid of guitars! They were indeed very phan-worthy (sorry, inside joke!) The evening continued along this vein with The Floor’s brand of post-punk wall of sound whose highlight may have been the brilliant merging of The Archies “Sugar Sugar” with Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Lips Like Sugar”! Very effing cool!

Tonite should be slightly more laid-back with Jomomma (from T.O.), just so we can gear up for the big show on Saturday nite–The High Strung, from good ole Detroit–prepare for craziness! Well that’s about all I have for now, but fasten your seatbelts because it’s shaping up to be a phoggy weekend for real! I will have to sign this one as…


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