Shelve Demolition

Tonight was slower for a change. Abby was sent home early, which she was happy about because her boyfriend, John, became an uncle tonight. Christian is his new 9+ pound nephew.
Earlier in the day I (Tom) was eager to make a dent in the organization of the bar which meant hauling some stuff to the garbage.
Gus Morin and his friend Sergio came in near 10PM to the call of need for a hand taking some garbage shelving down in the back room. Sorry Dave, Cliff, or Mark, but those shelves in that back room were the most awful, goof-rigged pieces of trash I’ve seen in a while. The shelves were doors turned sideways, hammered into cement, hammered into each other, screwed into shelf brackets, duct taped, and held together with prayer.
The shelves are long gone, and so is the lack of space in the back room. The chance of properly holding new silkscreened shirts is high, since I received a mobile clothing rack from a friend, Mike Pavlov.
So, Gus and Sergio were balking at the destruction methods I had in mind, which were to unscrew and take the shelves apart. Gus and Sergio started pulling and yanking at the shelf like a zombie trying to break into the house in the Michael Jackson video Thriller. Once they got a hammer, they went to town with prying it off of the wall and down to the ground. “Do you have a crowbar?” Gus asked. “We could use a crowbar!” Gus repeated over and over throughout the affair.
The event was crowned nicely while we hauled the garbage to the bins behind Victoria Park Place. Gus said, “Thank God for these bins eh?! Which was followed by, “Thank you Canada. A place where you just throw things in these bins and they magically just, go away!”
I love Gus’ ability to wrap things up neatly.
Thanks guys.
For all of you folks wanting new t-shirts, they will now be on display in the back room, which will only be available if you ask to see what’s new.

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2 Responses to Shelve Demolition

  1. Toddles says:

    T Man!Welcome to the blogsphere bro.I like your writing. Glad you have an outlet, now drop some groovy sound on me baby with some podcastin!Sheesh.Love you.Todd. Read My Blog

  2. Anonymous says:

    ================================when, o when are you going to post those nifty snaps from this occasion ?we could all sure do with a bit of a visual.phog does most certainly need to acquire a crowbar, too.23 skidoo!gustave m.================================

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