Casino Rules & Regulations

There have been occasions where I have personally seen a player with hundreds of chips deal the same hands and get “no cards” or “three of a kind” dealt to him from a large group of players all sitting at the same table. Sometimes the player would win a lot of chips and other times he would loose them and fold. In either scenario the casino rules should have been followed, which clearly stated the maximum number of chips that could be dealt out and the maximum number of cards that could be stacked. Casinos are very careful to follow these regulations and it is not as if each casino is running a risk free games because these games require a lot of skill and finesse and it is easy for one bad decision to cost a lot more than a good one.


The most common mistake made by beginners who are learning to play blackjack is not being able to identify an exceptional hand when it comes to the dealer’s tendencies and decisions. You should make sure to watch the dealer and see what his tendencies are, what games he normally plays, does the dealer take a long time showing a game and waiting for his turn, etc. You should also watch how you play the hand and try to determine whether the casino is bluffing you or not. In any case, if you find yourself having a hard time distinguishing between a good hand and an exceptional one, you should ignore the hand and move on to another.


If you are having difficulty distinguishing a good hand from an excellent one, here is a simple trick to help you out. All you have to do is flip over the top card of the deck and compare it with the face value of the remaining cards. If the card has an even number on either side with the same color as the other cards, the card is an exceptional hand. If the card has a plus or minus sign opposite it with an even number, this is not a quality hand. This works with ace, king, queen, joker, nuts, straights, fours, fives, and sevens, but it can be used with any suit or any number of cards. If you follow this simple method of identifying exceptional hands with the cards, you will notice that most of them are already in a hand that is considered to be of excellent quality.