T-Shirt Art Show report

Shirts are selling. People are dancing.
The show runs until the end of the month, and there is way more than just t-shirts available.
Mittens, scarves, bags, etc.


Also, if you want to know what an awesome show is all about with crafts…you should have been at Made In Windsor a week or so ago.
Awesome. Look at the activity in this place…
Go to the next one…in the spring or next winter.

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3 Responses to T-Shirt Art Show report

  1. Nicole says:

    i'm stealing that video and posting it on my blog.if you have any objections, please keep them to yourself cause i'm doing it anyway.<3 nicole

  2. Anonymous says:

    you’re keeping them to yourself Nicole

  3. Anonymous says:

    Killer laugh Tom.Ha Ha

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